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 I think you might be scared. And however scared you are, Clara, the man you are with right now, the man I hope you are with, believe me, he is more scared than can imagine right now, and he needs you.

So … there’s an alien who used to look like Adrian.  Then he turned into a Scottish caretaker and every now and then when I’m not looking you elope with him.

10-11/ pictures of Billie the Babe


Are you ready to follow Captain America to the jaws of death? Hell, no. That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight, I’m following him.


i never know why, i only know who

for showlock ♛



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"If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid back and no one cares. It’s really nice."

What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?




girls don’t want boys girls want the wardrobe of lydia martin